Meet the teachers

I would like to introduce to you myself, John Flanagan, learning stage co-ordinator, and the rest of my team, so that you may know a little more about them.

Teacher John Flanagan

Teacher John Flanagan was born in the Republic of Ireland but moved to England when he was four years old. He has a BA and MA. in Modern and Medieval Languages from Cambridge University, England. He obtained a CELTA from University College Cork in 2004, and moved to Thailand the following year. He has worked at Bangkok Christian College since August 2005.


Teacher Alex

Teacher Alex is from England. He has been teaching at BCC for 10 years, and for 17 years in total within Thailand. He is a guitar aficianado, and teaches students as an extra-curricular activity, which is very popular at the school.  He also is the music teacher for the IEP department.

Teacher Steve

Teacher Steve is from America.  He has been living in Thailand for 3 years. He has degrees in Communications and Spanish, and is certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Steve teaches grade 10 and 11.

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